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I really wanted to learn Comida e Bebida or La Maritza or Polichinelle too bad I don’t know portugese or french well enough to make useful progress. so probably uh

  • Poor Wayfaring Stranger
  • the crooner version I do of Make War
  • learn to play/sing I Fell In Love With A Dead Boy or Fly Me To The Moon in NGE style or John Wayne Gacy, Jr. or Melt My Heart To Stone or The Lighthouse’s Tale or The Child With The Star On His Head or Gotham Lullaby

Have to throw together a trio of vocal solos to audition into voice study tomorrow. No idea what to do really, but geez there are a lot of perfect tunes I’m sorta-familiar with that aren’t in english that I really shouldn’t try to learn in so little time but aaah


FKA twigs for The Fader Magazine (set #1)

are there “fake farmer girl” memes yet

How fucking judgmental are you! People don't like your kind music so they're assholes? So goddam pretentious.


Typical non-New Haven Yale students’ attitudes towards New Haven are extremely fucked up and classist and terrible. The mentality that many of these people have towards Toad’s Place is just one of many examples I could point out. This isn’t about “taste” — it’s about deliberately failing to recognize cultural vibrancy because the city that you are spending four years in doesn’t conform to your elite pseudo-intellectual ‘standards.’ Let’s party with our fucking Biology class so that we don’t have to be in the presence of POOR TOWNIES.


Hahaha. Get fucking real.

Fuck these tasteless Yale kids. There’s probably nothing close to any of these acts performing in your shitty hometown this summer. 

Welcome to the Grand Uneast


Textile art by Mr. Finch

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Fuck yes, tomato bisque